from D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review:

“A delightful and thought-provoking tale reminiscent of Eric Segel’s classic Love Story with its innocent, sparkly, feisty-girl-meets-boy feel. Unlike the lighter classic, however, A Leg in Oklahoma City includes social and political insights into a killer’s mind, probes the Amish community’s roots and changes, and describes how a young man left behind learns to go on without the light in his life, just as a nation must recover from terrible events.

It [the story] grows beyond them [the lovers] to include the story of ‘HIM’ (the Oklahoma City bomber), HIS manifestos, and a girl who goes up Amish in Oklahoma and finds herself in Arcata, California, living in a tree house, returning to her origins to encounter an evil that ends everything.

As the bomber’s words juxtapose with the growth of love, family, and hopes and dreams of the future, two forms of ‘yes’ emerge with passion and conviction: one that portends birth, and the other which reflects on a different family influence that leads to death and destruction.

The weaving of love and terrorist activity in this story is no light feat. Hoetker does a fine job of exploring various facets of heartland America and matters of the heart, considering grief, rage, and a form of resolution that can never quite be completed.

The result is far more than a love story, a story of personal loss, or a tale of the Oklahoma bombing. A Leg in Oklahoma City has its finger on the pulse of modern American experience.”

From Joe Walters, Senior Editor, Independent Book Review:

A Leg in Oklahoma City packs a punch with new adult romance, unforeseen tragedy, and lyrical, gentle prose. This exploration of young love is sure to catch you rooting for a happily ever after you know can never come. The reader [can] never quite sit still, aware that something is coming–something that will flip this love story on its head.”

From Tracy Bringhurst, Boise Weekly:

“More than a hard crime story . . . examining bigger questions about love, death, trauma, and closure. Hoetker’s novel is historical fiction that reimagines the events surrounding the 1995 bombing of Oklahoma City . . . offering alternate answers to the tragedy while pondering how grief shapes our lives.”


“Captivating. He takes you through building a house one brick at a time, before finally taking it and smashing it to pieces, before building a cottage from its remains. Simply incredible.”

“This book is pure Hoetker. It’s pure beauty. It’s life. It’s almost haunting how personal this book can be. From the little to the large this book ticks all the boxes. You feel every word of this book. It captivates you from the taunting first line all the way to the ever so fitting end. It give a personal story to something that was so large and yet many have forgotten. It pulls from personal experiences that many of us can relate to, in some way shape or form, all the way to things that many of us can’t comprehend. A wonderful story that breaks and fills your heart with what can only be described as. Life. People who can truly live and truly appreciate the wonderful mess that life is will appreciate this book.”

A Leg in Oklahoma City is one of the best books I have ever read. Every chance I got I was reading it. The book took you on a roller caster of emotions and feelings. I could feel what the characters were feeling and it made the book what it is. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone and everyone.”  

“The writing of this book has an inviting voice that makes you want to read more. The effort and time that was given in writing the book is shown in a type of flawless and natural way. Definitely a book to take the time to read in a comfy chair. Expect to want to read for hours for this book. It will capture all your senses.”

“Love. Shock. Grief. This was the most emotional and painful book I have ever read. Every sentence flowing easy like water. So real. I felt them physically and emotionally. The best book I have ever read. It’s story, with me everyday. I’ve given copies to my family and friends. It occupies my daily thoughts. The words, the sentence structure, the paragraphs all come together to form this book. THE book.”

“Wow. Raw and vulnerable. The voice and personality of Hoetker really comes through in this book. Incredible, suspenseful, immediately kept my attention. The characters have real hearts and souls and lives. The writing is impeccable; beautiful way with words, descriptions, metaphors, imagery…there’s a lot to be taken here. A developing writer can take a lot from this book. It’s fast-paced, as the plot should be, so pay attention. Read carefully, The epilogue made me cry. The book is so striking yet gentle. Reminded me of the way Murakami’s After Dark converged with suspense. And the way Tris’s lover reacted to life…Jack from Emma Donoghue’s Room. Absolutely stunning.”

“A MUST read. Absolutely incredible, thought provoking story. A page turner in both directions. This is the kind of book that will give you something new every time you read it.”

“At its core, A Leg In Oklahoma City‘s greatest achievement is its highlighting of the beauty that comes from the formation of a relationship between opposites. There is a oneness in duality, not a separation. Fiction and Non-fiction. Love and loss. Providing a vivid image for the blurred ambiguities of the past. Stories on duality are hardly new, but while many are focused on calculated philosophy commentary, this novel provides a commentary that is centered around emotion, making it an engaging read with a surprising amount of intellectual heft. Hard-hitting and memorable. Leg impressively surpasses the ambition of its premise.”

“Hoetker pens down the essence of a young love in one of it’s many pure forms: quick, but deeply caressed and everlasting. A Leg in Oklahoma City has built the connection of two young people, vividly excited about their love and their future together.The Epilogue has to be my favorite of the book. After a powerful novel, the story was not quite ‘tied together’, but it more so accepted that the string will never be long enough to tie. You have to read to understand, and I nudge you to do so. I will be reading this novel again, and again… because no love is ever so simple to understand so easily.”

“This book is a competing rollercoaster of emotions, two colliding stories, two colliding people, love and death, black and white. I was unsure in the first chapter, where is this going? What is happening? Who falls in love so quickly? But throughout the rest of the book, I understood more. I could relate to the passion, the love, the desire of the characters. Of course there are unanswered questions in it, but isn’t that how life really is? You cannot expect to know every element of a person or story, ever. And Hoetker captures this. Through a story of quick, innocent love, and the inevitable loss of innocence. Every choice made in the writing has a purpose, everything ties together in the end, or does it? Can it? I’ve never been able to read history books or enjoy a history class, but I thoroughly appreciated the effort and research spent in pulling this story together. You cannot say this isn’t a true story after all. I feel sheltered and disappointed that the bombing in Oklahoma City was not brought up in any of my history classes all throughout school, but at least I have learned more now, from this story and from personal research that this story inspired me to start. This is one of the books where my eyes tried to read faster than I can comprehend, trying to get every detail as quickly as possible. I had to force myself to slow down, understand. It’s easy reading, but it’s the unspoken themes that really got to me. Real life and real emotions don’t need painfully complex vocabulary to capture the feelings.”

“An amazing story, interlaced with nonfiction and a speculative solution to a decades old mystery. I was engaged throughout the entire novel. The ending is heartbreaking, profound, well-written. A great work of literature.”

“Loved this book. It is an aching journey, quietly beautiful. It is a story of young lovers who ring authentic and true. The sensuality in this book is especially well told. When young love crashes into the Oklahoma City bombing, the result is unforgettable. Strongly recommend.”

“This book was written by my high school English teacher. If nothing else, it captures his genius. I do not use that word lightly. Love and death. Love and death. What happens to the memories you share with one person when that person is wiped from your life? It’s a kind of loneliness that can’t be escaped.
I felt this book on a personal level. It’s the first edition. It’s raw. But, it’s meant to be raw. It captures something that I haven’t seen in literature before.
I savored my first read, but I’m sure I will read it again, probably in one sitting as most readers of this book have done. You only get to read a book for the first time once. This book is weird. It’s quirky. But there’s a truth here that will touch you.”

“This story is beautiful and it’s beautifully told. Hoetker will have you anxiously turning the pages until the very last one. It’s a twist on the traditional love story and is wonderfully executed.”

“No one can say this story is not true. The book was written in such a way as to see that that statement would be undeniably true. It’s a powerful opening to a rather rich, complex and multi-faceted novel that is also easy to read, there’s not a large vocabulary or anything. There’s a lot of deep stuff here but it’s not required info for the plot or intent of the book. I have had the good fortune of being a former student and now friend of the author and he just never seems to stop amazing me, I’m still learning from him years after I had his class. “

A Leg in Oklahoma City is a journey through an emotional state of affairs, and the way the story unfolds is excellent. I’ve long waited for the debut novel from Hoetker, and this book delivers. If you don’t know the voice of this man, this novel is almost like hearing him speak. The detail, the phrasing, and how the story unfolds over the course of the novel is breathtaking. The inclusion of the manifesto pieces throughout the novel help elevate the story and the intensity of everything behind it. Missing this novel would be a shame. Read it.”

“The details throughout the novel are EVERYTHING! Beautiful and twisted and lovely and dark all at the same time. I’m not a lover of reading, or books in general. But this had me hooked from the beginning and kept me wanting more constantly. I read it quickly but thoroughly, taking every bit of intense detail in. The love story on top of this tragedy would seem misplaced any other time, but this was necessary.”

“What an amazing and different kind of story. It draws you in with wanting to get to know the characters because they are so relatable. How the book is intertwined makes you yearn to read the next page and not put the book down. You always have a sense of something coming which keeps you wondering and engaged with the story. I didn’t want the story to end. How the author is able to bring everything together like a tightly wrapped gift brings closure and a sense of yearning-you don’t want it to end. I highly recommend this book. It will not disappoint you!”

“The two stories that go on in the book have you on two different roller coasters that eventually end up clashing together. I strongly recommend this book! The first half of the book went by without me putting it down due to the fact of how fast it draws you in. The love story behind this terrible tragedy makes the book oddly relatable to anyone that has watched a love one go. Highly recommend this book. “

“To say the least, this is a remarkable novel. Not only is it beautiful, a story of love and loss, of beauty and of pain, but it is also extraordinarily unique and exceptionally real. It serves as a great reminder, both to love and to remember. It pulls you in, and it makes you feel, and feel very deeply, at that. It, like our own lives, is simple, on the surface, but with deeper probing, innately complex and intricate. It runs deep and pulls you in; you won’t want to set it down. Greg put an immense amount of effort into the creation of the novel, and it’s obvious- with every word choice, with every sentence, with every chapter- that this novel is one-of-a-kind. The novel is difficult to describe, in that it is almost too perfect; the only way to truly understand is to read it, and that, I highly recommend!”

“A-read-in-one-sitting kind of book, an edge-of-your-seat kind of book. A book that envelopes you, makes you forget that its all fiction and not your reality. A book that takes you through all the best emotions, and some not so great but you never once regret feeling. A book with lines so…indescribable…that you have to close the book and take a long breath, fully absorb it, before you continue. A book you read like its water in the desert. A book that you want to reread as soon as you finish. A book you shove in all your friends’ hands with demanding zeal, dying to share with them this life, this story, this experience you have found, just as you want to share a breathtaking song.”

“I read this book in one sitting. It tells two powerful stories side by side but I was not tempted to skip ahead on either one. I couldn’t put it down, I wanted to rush along without stopping, and yet at the same time I wanted to savor it. I think it is one of those books you have to read twice. Once quickly, and then again more slowly after you’ve had time to think about it. I remember the attack in OKC, the shock and horror, now made more chilling through the presentation in this book of the man who conceived it.”

“My wife was wiped. It wasn’t an explosive device and it didn’t happen in a second. She died of cancer and it took almost 6 years. She battled and I’m proud of how hard she fought. Our relationship started in 1976 and was easy. Easy like water. It lasted for 43 years. We didn’t have to struggle through hard times or work at our marriage. As I stated, it was easy. The two main characters in the book found that same magic at an early age. True love can come at any time. They found it as I did. I couldn’t put this book down. I am an avid reader and I can only make that statement about a couple of books I’ve read. The story line is compelling. This is a fantastic read. I’ve read it twice. The words written by Timothy McVeigh are chilling. The fact that so much evil was in his soul at the same time so much love and compassion was in the souls of the two main characters is a sharp contrast. I enjoyed the back and forth and wanted to skip ahead to see how it would all be brought together.”

“Fantastic debut novel. A fast and engrossing read that does a wonderful job intertwining factual information with the fictional characters. For anyone not familiar with the OKC bombing (or even those who remember it), this novel encourages thoughtful consideration of the various forces at play both then and in present day. The dichotomy of a love story and act of terrorism work well to balance the story. Bravo!”

“Picked it up in the morning and didn’t put it down until 3am that same day— absolutely amazing book. Looking forward to rereading and picking up on new things, knowing that it is dense and multi-layered. Highly recommend !!”

“I’m very pleased to write a review for this book. It’s thought provoking, beautifully written and the characters as well as the storyline remain in your thoughts long after reading it. Great read!!!!!”

“A compelling story that keeps you hooked to the end. The beautifully crafted characters set in the historical context of the Oklahoma City bombings makes for a unique, thought-provoking read. The author’s thorough research and respect for the victims and true events that happened add to the depth of the book. This book would be an excellent book club choice.”  

“This is a well written captivating book. I highly recommended it! It is very evident that the author spent much time researching and crafting this work of art.”

“This magnificent story kept me completely enthralled, beginning with a chance encounter, “not conformed…transformed”, true love, truth, passion, commitment, new meanings, humility, longing, family, and the pain of loss.
All ribboned in a unique style of expressions, framing situations, and unveiling deepest feelings, all against a backdrop of a demented maniac responsible for a most horrible event in American history.”

“This is a really bravely written book. If i had to pick one word to describe it it would be “unapologetic.” It’s beautifully written; I read it in one sitting and I’ve already sent one to my family and one to a friend!”

“A fast paced, intimately intense novel written with an abundance of heart and soul. A love story and a philosophical debate where Hoetker continually calls out the reader, making them feel as if they were there, as if he were right there, telling his story face to face with you. A quick read that packs a big punch.
Definitely worth a read.”

“This book was extremely impactful and eye-opening. Hoetker does an outstanding job with description and imagery, and writes in a way that truly attaches you to the characters. The love story in the novel and the gut-wrenching heartache will definitely stick with you long after you finish the book. This novel is a real tear jerker! I would probably recommend this book for more mature readers.”

“Such intensity. This novel tells a story that is so simple, yet so profound. It gives readers a rare narrative of a young romantic relationship that is meaningful, despite its abruptness. The novel intricately intertwines a deeply-researched, dark political edge with the concept that love always wins.”

“A touching, profound, and important read. You know, the kind that changes you. Read this book. You’ll be glad you did.”

“Stop asking yourself if this book is worthwhile. Stop questioning and pondering whether or not you’ll have “time” to finish it. Throw yourself into this novel. Witness the imagery in your mind. Let yourself feel the pain and the awkwardness and the love within the pages. 232 pages. Just do it.”

“Hoetker’s first novel is short, and it’s a damn good one. A Leg in Oklahoma City is a simple love story: the micro-world of two people who grow with one another in anonymity. But the tragedy, a very real and horrific terrorist attack in American history, lingers from the first page. Crisp dialogue, peppered with glimpses into the mind of a home-grown terrorist, punctuate the themes of love, loss, and hope. Good novels push readers to turn the pages. Great ones do the same thing, poetically. Read it in a day, as many others have.”

“A straightforward yet daunting novel that leaves you yearning to turn the page from start to finish. The flow of the story is easy, like water, and is compelling enough to share with your family and friends. Incredibly well researched and equally emotionally provocative and enticing. I’d recommend this to anyone in the need of a great story and a quick read.”

“This book could be titled ‘Love in the Time of Terrorism,’ although Hoetker’s title is better and alludes to a real life mystery of a missing leg…which he ultimately solves. Fiction collides with history in this divine debut novel that tells the story of young lovers on a collision course with Timothy McVeigh and the Oklahoma City Bombing. McVeigh’s chilling presence in the novel, in the form of transcripts, is sure to haunt…as the so called monster has become a ghost. This novel is well-researched, complex, lyrical, and controversial. It’s a must read for anyone who has been in love and still suffers the sting of loss. It’s what we want literature to be…entertaining, educational, and emotional. It’s the only book I know of written entirely for charity…for no profit whatsoever. And, it’s remarkable that Hoetker pulled it off and put it out there by himself…without any help from the publishing world. This novel is profound and powerful on so many levels and layers, but short and easy to read…like the best of the great American novels.”  

“I do not believe that there are any words to describe this book. And I do not think it should be described. I think it should be read and experienced and maybe understood, maybe not. That’s the beauty of A Leg in Oklahoma City. It does not need to be fully understood to have an impact on a person. The language is simple, but the underlying concepts are not. There are so many hidden connections and meanings throughout the book, the reader needs to really be dialed to catch them. This novel has a way of drawing you in, and keeping you there. It has been a few days since I finished reading A Leg in Oklahoma City, and I am still thinking about the novel and constantly making new connections, both within the book and in my own life. The raw emotions discussed and provoked in this book is unlike anything I have ever experienced and I think that every person that reads this book can get as much out of it as I, and many others, already have.”

“This book was a roller-coaster from start to finish. I loved the fast, sweet, intense love and passion of the characters and the deep meaning behind the author’s focus. Though it was sad, it was clear and crisp and eye-opening. The ending was my favorite, just the simplicity of the way it ended, releasing all of the emotion and pain and just “wiping” it away. Love stories aren’t always my cup of tea but the way this was written, it wasn’t a love story, it was a life story.”  

“This book is something special. Throughout the book, you are kept alert and wanting more, no matter what the part is. Personally, I’m not a big historical fiction kind of gal, but this novel found my interest, and made me enjoy reading it. I loved the adventurous scenes between Tris and his lover, especially due to the fantastic descriptions about the scenery and the emotions. Near the end of the book, your emotions really come out, as I know they did for myself. All in all, I loved the book, and cannot WAIT for the sequel (if there is one)!”

“It’s almost intimidating to write a review on such a well written book. I was lucky enough to be one of the first readers. I couldn’t stop reading it and finished it in one night, crying more than I was expecting, haunted by it in the best way for days after. The author works beautifully with language to depict a love story that captures the innocence of love. The character development is brilliant and you you will find yourself so wanting the ending that you know probably isn’t coming. I imagine he intended that, as I’m sure most of those who lost loved ones in the OKC bombing felt and feel that way still. This book is completely worth reading and feeling every emotion it brings along with it.”  

A Leg in Oklahoma City captivates the reader. It is a tale of love and loss, of joy and sorrow. It breaks the reader’s heart but takes him to a magical place of genuine human connection. It is magical. An extraordinary first novel.”

“Hoetker did a fabulous job creating rich characters that readers learn to love. A love story would not be my first choice of genre, but mixing the love story with the tragedy of the OKC bombing was brilliant. The final chapters set well after the bombing were fantastically emotional. I would highly recommend this as a beach book, or perhaps a book to read while in the redwoods–inside joke, read the book and you’ll get it.”

“This book is beautiful and devastating to such a high degree that the line between the two fades away. This book is alive. Truly breathtaking.”

“At its core, A Leg in Oklahoma City is a tender love story, but it is so much more. It’s innocence contrasted with terrorism and love contrasted with hate. It is a story of loss…how do you say goodbye when you don’t get to say goodbye? How do you let go? It is also a fascinating take on a mystery many have forgotten, or maybe never even heard about, concerning one of the worst terror attacks on American soil. And finally, A Leg in Oklahoma City is a great read…it will make you smile, it will make you cry, and it will stay with you long after you turn the last page.”

“Loved the details. The romance grabbed my attention and kept me engaged. A great first novel and easy flowing read.”

A Leg in Oklahoma City is lyrical and genuine. Remember the concrete barriers that went up around our capitol and other buildings across the country? This story will make you remember. The voices are real, sometimes subtle, sometimes pounding. I loved the clever juxtapositions of narrative that are a pentimento to the surface story. It is a page-turner. I read it in two sittings.”

A Leg in Oklahoma City is heart wrenching. The story between the two main characters (can’t give away names!), drew me right in. It’s a powerful think to portray two people falling in love, and then seeing the ramifications of the world intrude on that relationship. Hoetker had me from the first page, and after reading the last, I had to take a few deep breaths and try to figure out what happened to me! A Leg in Oklahoma City was an emotional read. Once of the best books I’ve read in a long time.”

“A captivating, stark, moving account of a real American tragedy, as told ground-level through the eyes of a fictional character–although, as stated in the first sentence of the novel, ‘no one can say this story is not true.’ There is a raw, grounded quality to the narrative of A Leg in Oklahoma City, a keen eye for cinematic detail, and it generates an incredible compulsion to read simply until there is no more book left to read–this is in that family of novels that you are most likely to devour in one sitting. Concise, beautiful, powerful. I’m not going to go into narrative details and minutia here. You just have to read it.”

“I was lucky enough to have Mr. Hoetker as my AP Literature/Composition teacher during my senior year of high school. As anyone lucky enough to have shared a classroom with him will agree, there is no better homegrown author to send your support and love to. Please, read this book.”

“Let me start by saying I don’t read too many fiction novels but a friend recommended the book so I picked up a copy. I sat down to read a few chapters but I couldn’t put it down. The authors ability to enter twine a beautiful love story with an America tragedy was brilliant. Six hours later I finished the book and I felt like I had been on an emotional roller coaster. This is the first book I’ve ever completed in a single sitting. I highly recommend it and look forward to the authors next novel.”  

“It’s hard to describe in words how this novel made me feel. I am not exaggerating or saying this out of politeness, but this book is was what I needed. I’ve been 18 and in love. And when I say ‘in love’ I mean it, although my story had a different ending. Peace, love, tranquillity, horror, sex, curiosity, faith, art, nature. The words, the imagery, the honesty within the writing is beautiful. The idea of love is so well captured while also brilliantly contrasted with the question of what makes someone evil/satanic. I just finished the last page about five minutes ago, all of which I used to digest before picking up my phone and writing this. I have so much more to say, to analyze, to understand fully… but for now, I’ll just say congratulations. 20 years worth. Amazing.”

“Though I wouldn’t put it past myself to give this book 5 stars out of respect for the time and maniacal obsession it took to create this book, it deserves 5 stars for the other parts – the content, the story, the flow, the word choice – each bit that a reader, audience, paper grading professional might search for.
I’ve always felt, at the age of 22, like there was never a book written just for us. We sit between Harry Potter and the birth of the electronic generation where John Green seemed to do okay. Everything read until now has felt like a hand-me-down or a bandwagon because it generationally belongs just a little bit more to someone else. But this book doesn’t really belong to any one person in particular. It belongs to the people attached in a web at one end in Oklahoma City, where hundreds, thousands even have a relationship to the bombing there. In my generation, we weren’t there – but we are unphased by violence. On screens, on foreign streets, on those the next town over, at the school two districts over – we are unphased. The thread floats onward from Oklahoma to tie the myriad differences between ultra-rural isolation, to the average joe attending their first year of college. The absolutely brow-raising tete-a-tete with the unimpressive. My generation read Kerouac off our parents’ shelves but heard the siren’s song say that college was not impressive – though it was essential. We forgot that the magic of isolation is allowed but drilled the necessity of doing as all others do into our hearts as a creed. So what? Love. When you read this book, absolutely unimpressive tragedy in the eyes of a mind-numbed reader evolves into the one guarantee to two opposite people who fall madly, innocently, beautifully in love. That one spark of a possibility between two people that really make no sense – that love – tells the oldest story we know by heart. It belongs to them, and them only – but for the first time in my reading, I feel like a book was written for me.”

A Leg in OKC honors the reality of its story, the terrorist attack, by letting the tragedy play second fiddle to a love story. The humanity of the novel wins, not the mystery, not the history, not the grime, not the grief. That’s not to say that the ending is happy or sad or something in between, you’ll have to read the novel to find that out. What I’m saying is that the lifeblood of this novel is a simple story about a boy and a girl, two humans living and loving. Everything else ripples out in concentric circles of importance from there. The love story is not personally one I can relate to. The relationship is easy, flowing, requiring little thought. The purity of it is important. The love I’ve experienced in my life has, for better or for worse, been much more challenging and confusing than the one presented in the novel. Reading this story made me nostalgic for a young love I haven’t had yet. Nostalgia. Love. Humanity. These are the things that win out in the telling of this story. I’m glad that they do. There’s a reason why they don’t pay me to do this. Read the book. Formulate your own opinions. If you hate it (you won’t), well, at least your money went to a good cause.”  

“I read this book cover to cover in one sitting. I didn’t plan on doing that, but it hooked me and I couldn’t stop. I loved the hope and idealism this couple captured, it hurt knowing the inevitable fate of their future. Greg is such a talented writer. He never stayed too long in a scene and always left me wanting more. I felt like I was there with the characters and would love to see this get turned into a film! I hope this book gets the recognition it deserves. It really is a timeless story and a little slice of happiness within the sadness’s of their world and our world today.”

“This isn’t a regular book. It’s not like ones you’ve read before and it won’t be like any you read after. It’s a story about love, that much is true, but the way this Love is packed within A Leg in Oklahoma City is not the average one-size-fits-all shipment you expect to find in written words, but a crystal clear picture of what love really represents, all the while pulling you in with the tight grasp of mystery and the unknown. A Leg in Oklahoma City will change you in some way. This book will lure out emotions you didn’t know you could feel and will entice readers from any background, weather early in the game of relationships or a pro, this universal love will remind you that life and love are precious. Read. Feel. Understand. See for yourself. A Leg in Oklahoma City is unlike any other.”


“I picked up this book on a whim one day at Commonplace. The owner told me he would be speaking later that night, but I couldn’t make it. Went home to read the book that night and couldn’t put it down. The next morning I got to meet Greg and discuss the book. He wrote an incredible story.”

“Hoetker’s A Leg in Oklahoma City captures the essence of deep love and deep grief . That profound and fantastic experience of first love, true love, young love is here in his story. Juxtaposed to this pure, simple, sheltered romance is the violent insane extreme act of one man. Hoetker takes us inside this man’s head, and inside the hearts of the mourners. Powerful. Deep love and deep grief.”

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